Mocha Mint Matcha

IMG_1088 2.jpg

I love looking in the tea isle at Whole Foods and checking out new adaptogens and different Matcha. 

The creations can be endless and used in cooking as well as delicious afternoon pick me ups!


Paromi Matcha cacao peppermint loose tea

Vital proteins coconut creamer Collagen

Almond Milk


The Steps

- First place a tsp of Paromi tea or any matcha, with or without collagen to a mug with 6 ounces of hot water. (not too hot or you'll burn the matcha and it will taste bitter)

- Mix and let sit for a minute

- Fill a cup fully with ice cubes, and then a little less than half fill the cup with your preferred nut milk, I used almond milk. (I prefer hemp milk)

- Lastly pour the matcha collagen mix on top of your almond milk and ice!

Enjoy! Hot or cold!

xo, Rachel <3