Reiki Healing with Parita


Just weeks before summer ends, I tend to get very sad that the days are getting shorter and cooler. My anxieties rise because for most summers of my life, I would spend time away at overnight camp. The passed 3 years I have been working down at the Jersey shore, and the few weeks leading up to coming home after labor day.. SCARE me.


For one, coming out of summer mode, from the beach is simply.. TOUGH.

And because I am my own boss, I create my own schedule. Most days I don’t start work until later in the afternoon, and I have to fill my day with my own yoga practice as well as private clients as well as creating content for social media. Seems like it would be easy, but you would be surprised how fast the day goes by when you’re not at a desk job.

When I received a DM from Parita asking to do a reiki skype session with me, it genuinely couldn’t be better timing. I was having communication issues with people around me, I took the summer off from my normal workout routine, and routine in general. I was still putting in my own work everyday sitting at my computer until my to-do list was completed for the day, but I still didn’t feel like I was or had done enough.

Ok, rewind.. My energies and thoughts about myself have been way off and I really needed some answers from someone. The universe answered all of my doubts with that DM from Parita. She offered me a 1 hour session of reiki over skype. I’ve had little energy cleanses done, but nothing for an hour or not even person. Let me tell you though, it truly felt like Parita’s energy and full being was sitting on my deck next to the beach with me.

Parita started our session by explaining all the benefits that reiki holds and how powerful the practice is. She also explained what we were going to do in our session to help balance our mind, body and soul. Then she asked me what I would like to focus on trusting on receiving what I need for my future and my truest inner self.

Now that zen comes in…

We started by sitting comfortable, shutting the eyes and rounds of breathing deep into my belly guided by Parita to get me “in the zone” and supported by the earth, and rooted by my body.

Talking a lot about self-compassion, and welcoming in new experiences as well as being open to receiving. So as I became aware of how I was feeling in Paritas guided body scan, my mind and body was released to relaxation. She told me if anything came up to just honor its presence and allow myself to let it go. She then asked me, “what am I ready to manifest. What am I ready to create space for in my life, and how do I want to feel. Who am I ready to release & surrender to and to whom. And to top it off, what are you grateful for.”

These questions I can ask to myself, but hearing it from someone else truly makes you think deep. With the ocean air and sounds all around me and the deep state of bliss I was in, digging deep was easy for me. I mean.. I felt just grateful to be where I was, let alone having this guided energy cleansing session. During the next 35 minutes or so of meditation, I could hear in and out of my consciousness Parita using crystals and essential oils. I was very relaxed.

When Parita brought me back from the meditation, she reminded me to give thanks to always to share energy and to heal each other. And that we’re able to connect in such divine ways.

At the end she described where my chakras were off balance, where she set an intention for each crystal to send the energy to me.

Rose quartz on my heart chakra

Selenite on solar plexus chakra

Amethyst on third eye chakra

With a mix of essential oils.

She was so intuitive with knowing which chakras were off balance, and telling me that my body and mind needs to be connected more, and that I need to be more rooted. Having to do with creativity and discipline for myself. And that I truly need to trust myself and my instincts and know that everything that I do IS ENOUGH. Let me tell you… did I so need to hear that!

Thank you Parita this was the perfect session of what I needed at that time,
I’m pretty sure i still feel the vibrations from the session. It’s taken me almost a month to get the words out from this experience because there has been so much flow going on in my life. In all the right directions that i’ve manifested. I see visions, I can actually see and feel the doors opening and i'm losing the fear of failing. But I am loving this new light, and its shining bright in every color. I am really excited to keep working hard and manifesting my dreams, because anything is possible if we connect our mind, body and soul.

Thank you again Parita, I really recommend reaching out Via DM if you’re interested in a soothing 1 hour session to clean and balance your energies! You will not be sorry!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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xo, rachel


Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it go...


In 2014, I started to discover the therapeutics of cooking in my kitchen. After opening my taste buds in Israel, I started to be able to recreate the dishes from my memory. I loved everything I ate in Israel and wanted to introduce this cuisine to my family. And even 4 years later, i'm still just winging it and not really looking up recipes, just some inspiration and adding my own flare. 

I also started to blog in 2014, but gave up quickly.

This wordpress was called "Diaries of a Hungry Yogi".

& it's still available to look at I was busy focusing on finishing college and thought I could keep up with it, but TBH I didn't think my writing or my page in general was good enough or creative. Even though I am still now navigating through squarespace and blogging in general, I really like where The Right Tracht is heading.

About 4 years later, I've faced my fears to many of my own personal challenges.

A lot of my barriers had to do with fear of failures, judgement, and rejection. Essentially, I fear the things that hold me back in my own life. We are run and ruled by fear all of the time. Why? I truly do not know. But it’s our own job to figure it out in a conscious way. Because we don’t realize the energy we bring that manifests onto people around us.

When I remember my whole point of why I started my website, or ig as 'Therighttracht', i think back to where I began, the ups and downs of this journey I am on. 

The best place to start is with YOUR breath. Because no matter what we always have our breath. And it is an amazing tool, free of charge that we can carry EVERYWHERE with us.

inhaling the good s*$t, and exhaling the s%*! that doesn't serve you anymore!

(read in my first post)

shot on iphone 5s 2014

shot on iphone 5s 2014

When I analyze now on my thoughts of why I did that blog, it's because i was becoming more aware of how important eating healthy foods were, as well as eating food, and not skipping meals. Finding what I thought was balance. The blog held me accountable for trying to create recipes, eat better, and eat more than I was. You are what you eat. And my recipe for being skinny was my own little cocktail that was a recipe for disaster.

'Diaries of a hungry Yogi' had the same intentions of holding a safe space for sharing, that I now do for 'Therighttracht'. But now I will hold up my integrity to get more raw and real about life, other than yoga, crystals and recipes.

With more transparency, vulnerability, humility and just learning from you & MYSELF

It’s NED week and I’d like to share my passed and current relationships from food. But ill guide you in slowly, as this is new for me to even bring up in conversation to a friend in. Others journeys have helped me on my own, and I truly hope to do the same. Oh.. and what’s also cool, is that people who aren’t aware of how to address certain situations can learn something as well.

stay tuned....

xo, rachel <3