Lime Coconut Chicken Tacos


Dinner for greens & protein


Growing up my mom always made chicken that would turn me off, unless it was breaded chicken tenders. Instead of her slaving over the stove, I’ve learned recently to cook the best chicken dishes I’ve genuinely ever had. 

(Sorry mom who recently now has an IG)

If I go out to eat, chicken is the last thing I would ever order off a menu, unless I’m at Café Soho getting fried chicken. 

I think my problem is that I really do not like dry chicken that is most likely not organic.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with different recipes to keep my chicken breast as juicy and tasty as possible.

For this recipe coconut oil & lime are vital for best flavor!!!

I got my coconut oil from Purly Grown.

Which is 100% ethically sourced & cold pressed to ensure you’ll retain all its nutrients.

Whats even cooler about this company is that everything is Farm-To-Home. I have never found a coconut oil brand like this that tastes so incredible.


3 pieces of chicken breast

2-3 limes

3 cloves of garlic

1/4 cup melted Coconut Oil

Salt & pepper, Chile jalapeño seasoning

1/4 cup chicken & ginger bone broth

1 tablespoon of Liquid Aminos

How To

Combine the coconut oil, aminos, lime juice, salt, pepper, chile and garlic.  Add the chicken to a dish or resealable plastic bag.  Add the marinade and toss to coat.  Marinate for 15 minutes.  Heat 1 Tbsp of oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.   Sear the chicken for 3-4 minutes per side.  Add the chicken stock, cover, and reduce the heat to medium.  Cook for another 4-5 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through. Serve the pan sauce over the chicken.

Enjoy with a side of greens and rice… or a taco like this!!!!

xo, ray <3 

Festive Fall Bowl


Last week I went to brunch in NYC and had a similar bowl that I knew I must recreat! I always see beautiful creations on social media, but haven't really made my own warmer bowl with seasonal veggies. I spent a good amount of time cohesively figuring out what veggies would go well together. The trick I use is hand writing down what I envision, so then when I go food shopping, my recipe is essentially my food shopping list, (and then some).


Brown rice

Kabocha Squash







Bite size gold potatoes 


Green onion

Sesame seeds




First I chopped up the veggies, (Radish, carrot, onion, garlic)

Roasted them on 400 with olive oil, salt and pepper.

1 cup of Brown rice with 2 cups of water, 30 minutes.

Then I basically carved the squash like a pumpkin, make sure to sharpen your knife and really use your muscles to cut this how you prefer it.

I spiced the squash up with olive oil, and orange blossom honey with ancho chile powder, saigon cinnamon, salt and pepper and baked for 30 min.

The potatoes I used some olive oil, salt and pepper and baked until a little crispy.

I would have baked the chickpeas, but there was not enough room in the toaster or over. Instead I sauted them over the stove, with a little olive oil, ancho chile pepper, salt and pepper.

Then I used the same pan to saute the spinach.

I bought Tahini and chopped green onion and squeezed lemon.


Rice on the bottom

Potatoes and veggies on the sides

Spinach in the middle

Surrounded by squash, chickpeas & tahini

Topped with sesame seeds & squeezed extra lemon


xo Rachel

Pasta on Pasta


Back to back pasta, in one day?! Yup, you read that right! It is possible to enjoy “Pasta”, of different variations that are gluten free and basically carb free! For example, today for lunch I had Ancient Harvest’s red lentil pasta. It was simple, easy and nothing special. I needed quick protein (More to come on something like that though….)

For dinner, I had a Spaghetti squash roasted it and made a concoction of what I had in the fridge.

Ingredients (Feeds 2)

1 spaghetti squash

3 pieces of Organic chicken breast

(or your choice of protein)


Roasted garlic


Chopped cilantro

Rao’s Marinara sauce

Pine nuts


The Squash

Preheat the oven to 400, cut the squash in half, and clean out all of the seeds

Coat the squash with olive oil, salt and pepper

Face it down on the pan and cook for 40-50 minutes

Use a fork to see the texture as soft, stringy, and not crunchy

Fork into a bowl, and cover to keep warm.


Let marinade for 30-2 hours prior, on foil

I used 1 lime squeezed and just salt, pepper, italian mix seasoning & ancho chili powder

Grilled to crispy on the outside

Warm your sauce up however you prefer, I used the stove.


I mixed the chopped roasted garlic I had from the counter at Whole Foods with olives,

With chopped cilantro and mixed it together with my serving of the spaghetti squash

Placed the grilled chicken on top, add your sauce

I added chopped pine nuts as my cheese alternative

Topped with red chili flakes

& a fresh squeeze of lemon


Salmon & Red Lentil Truffle Pasta


This Dairy Free & Gluten Free Truffle pasta is every bit of easy, nutritious, and delicious

*What you’ll need*

Filet of Salmon (or your choice of protein) 

1 lemon

1 cup or more of arugula

1 handful of chopped cilantro

Chopped basil & green onion (for garnishing)

Cherry tomatoes sliced

Red onion slivers

Red Lentil pasta by Ancient Harvest

Kite Hill Truffle DF cheese spread


*The Process*

-Before starting any chopping/prepping, I always spice up my fish or meat first and let it marinade. For this salmon, I laid it over lemon slices, & squeezed extra lemon on top. Then i used salt and pepper with ancho chile powder for a smokey taste.


-Boil your water. (I add salt to my water)

-Bake your salmon on parchment paper (7-12 minutes depending on heat)

-Chop and prep your veggies, while the pasta and salmon is cooking.


*Dressing your plate*

-I laid arugula down first, then the tomatoes and squeezed some extra lemon on top.

-In a separate bowl I mixed the pasta and kite hill truffle cheese. Kind of like squeezing a kraft orange cheese onto noodles a little fancier! Then I laid it right on top of the veggies.

-Place the salmon on the side, and threw in some pine nuts and cracked pepper, along with the basil and green onion garnishing on top.

Honestly, each bite was perfect.

Save your leftovers because this taste amazing even the day after when its cold!

xo Ray Ray