Salmon & Red Lentil Truffle Pasta


This Dairy Free & Gluten Free Truffle pasta is every bit of easy, nutritious, and delicious

*What you’ll need*

Filet of Salmon (or your choice of protein) 

1 lemon

1 cup or more of arugula

1 handful of chopped cilantro

Chopped basil & green onion (for garnishing)

Cherry tomatoes sliced

Red onion slivers

Red Lentil pasta by Ancient Harvest

Kite Hill Truffle DF cheese spread


*The Process*

-Before starting any chopping/prepping, I always spice up my fish or meat first and let it marinade. For this salmon, I laid it over lemon slices, & squeezed extra lemon on top. Then i used salt and pepper with ancho chile powder for a smokey taste.


-Boil your water. (I add salt to my water)

-Bake your salmon on parchment paper (7-12 minutes depending on heat)

-Chop and prep your veggies, while the pasta and salmon is cooking.


*Dressing your plate*

-I laid arugula down first, then the tomatoes and squeezed some extra lemon on top.

-In a separate bowl I mixed the pasta and kite hill truffle cheese. Kind of like squeezing a kraft orange cheese onto noodles a little fancier! Then I laid it right on top of the veggies.

-Place the salmon on the side, and threw in some pine nuts and cracked pepper, along with the basil and green onion garnishing on top.

Honestly, each bite was perfect.

Save your leftovers because this taste amazing even the day after when its cold!

xo Ray Ray