Festive Fall Bowl


Last week I went to brunch in NYC and had a similar bowl that I knew I must recreat! I always see beautiful creations on social media, but haven't really made my own warmer bowl with seasonal veggies. I spent a good amount of time cohesively figuring out what veggies would go well together. The trick I use is hand writing down what I envision, so then when I go food shopping, my recipe is essentially my food shopping list, (and then some).


Brown rice

Kabocha Squash







Bite size gold potatoes 


Green onion

Sesame seeds




First I chopped up the veggies, (Radish, carrot, onion, garlic)

Roasted them on 400 with olive oil, salt and pepper.

1 cup of Brown rice with 2 cups of water, 30 minutes.

Then I basically carved the squash like a pumpkin, make sure to sharpen your knife and really use your muscles to cut this how you prefer it.

I spiced the squash up with olive oil, and orange blossom honey with ancho chile powder, saigon cinnamon, salt and pepper and baked for 30 min.

The potatoes I used some olive oil, salt and pepper and baked until a little crispy.

I would have baked the chickpeas, but there was not enough room in the toaster or over. Instead I sauted them over the stove, with a little olive oil, ancho chile pepper, salt and pepper.

Then I used the same pan to saute the spinach.

I bought Tahini and chopped green onion and squeezed lemon.


Rice on the bottom

Potatoes and veggies on the sides

Spinach in the middle

Surrounded by squash, chickpeas & tahini

Topped with sesame seeds & squeezed extra lemon


xo Rachel