Alove Yogurt Pancakes


When I was growing up, my mom always brought breakfast to me in bed. She didn’t

want to fight to wake me up early, to get ready for school. It also gave her more time to get

ready for her work day. She did this until I was rushing out the door to make the bus for junior

high. That’s when I started eating breakfast on the bus. I would take a yogurt cup & some fruit

from the fridge every morning to eat on my way to school.

I can go back to the days before Greek yogurt was a big thing. I was eating basic yogurt,

but finding all the newest flavors to also incorporate yogurt as a dessert. Even now, I love

finding ways to add yogurt to any meal as well as enjoying as a dessert, in a smoothie, or a

simple breakfast parfait.

For this recipe, I substituted half of the almond milk needed for my pancake recipe with

Alove aloe vera yogurt. I blended half and saved the other half to put on top instead of using

maple syrup. I also added some frozen wild blueberries & coconut flakes.

Yogurt Pancake Deets!

1 cup of @aloveyogurt (save some for the topping!)

1 egg

1/2 cup of homemade almond milk

1 cup of buckwheat pancake mix

blend or mix it all together

make your pancakes

throw some berries & the yogurt you have left on top..

in exchange for syrup for a sweet & heart-filled breakfast.

Make extra or double the recipe to keep some in the fridge for a super easy delicious breakfast

you will not regret. Just heat them back up in the toaster.


Xo, Rachel