French Toast Compote Comfort


TBH, this was my first attempt at making french toast.. & it was bomb. I really got in the mood for it when I was sick this passed week and my mom made it for me, with my direction of the ingredients i wanted her to use. Then she brought it to me in bed, like the little princess I am.

So, when I went to make mine I wanted to make it a healthier version rather than the sick girl version, which is amazing white bread with no toppings and bland.


2 eggs

3 pieces of Frozen sourdough sprouted bread

1/3 cup of vanilla almond milk

Pumpkin Pie spice (or cinnamon)

Pinch of salt

Butter for the pan, or Ghee


Strawberry compote


Chocolate Coconut shavings



First I made the batter. Take all the ingredients except the bread and mix until smooth.

Get your pan hot and buttered up.

Soak the bread on each side for a minute each.

Then place each piece on your skillet, until crispy on the outsides.

While you're cooking the french toast, blend a handful of strawberries with a splash of coconut water, or nut milk, and heat it in a pan for compote. (I didn't have any other berries)

I think french toast is so underrated as a food that can also be made healthy. Like adding other adaptogens to enhance flavor using ZERO sugar! and if you do feel the need to use sugar, date sugar is a great alternative as well as coconut sugar!

Enjoy! xo Rachel <3