Pique Tea Smoothie


I was listening to Gary Vee's podcast and he was talking about the founder, Simon Cheng of Pique Tea. Gary Vee was talking about morning and night routines, or just routines to be your most productive self. And he said he loved what Simon has to say about tea, and that when you're drinking the tea, take time to think and reflect and to just enjoy the present moment.

It is so true, usually we rush and are out the door to a coffee shop and getting mediocre tea, or coffee to chug for energy. What if we train ourselves to enjoy our cup of caffeine in routine, rather than rush? It's basically like setting an intention for the day with your cup of what you prefer.

Starting tomorrow, with my new tea.. I am going to sit with a pretty mug and actually put my sacred corner to use.... You read it here first, and you can hold me accountable on my IG story.

Smoothie Deets!

1/4 cup of water

1 tsp of hemp, chia, and coconut flakes

blend this first for your base, with cinnamon and a date.

half packet of Pique Tea

1 packet of Pitaya plus Dragon fruit

3 frozen strawberries (all i had)

1/3 cup wild blueberries

Handful of frozen cherries

Moondeli Turmeric powder

Sit with Crystals and change your negatives to positive.



ps. how cute are these packets, ready to go wherever you are!

xo, Rachel <3


Borophyll? More like CHLOROPHYLL!


When Billy Madison said this in class, I guess he didn’t realize how much 15-30 drops of chlorophyl could help his hangover. What he also didn’t know is how he could learn to give his teacher… a lesson in glowing skin, as well as detoxifying her body.

What is Chlorophyll?

It’s a green pigment present in plants which facilitates the absorption of light from the sun. Which then converts the light energy in a usable form which is utilized for various processes such as photosynthesis..... of which the green plants prepare their own food. And we as people use chlorophyll as a form of natural medicine. But difficult to attain enough of it just through just by consuming food itself.

Why Chlorophyll?

Since its green pigment comes from plants and absorption of light, these concentrated green drops are an easy way to get a whole bunch of greens and hydration with mixing it with water. Not to mention the internal deodorizer, and detoxifier as a benefit. It’s like the best green juice, without the fuss of making a mess or buying the expensive 8+$ juice in a store.

My Experience with the not so boring Chlorophyll…

I did 20 or more drops in my water first thing before coffee for over 6 months and my skin was GLOWING. And I was not drinking juices to help promote healthy skin either. I was on the beach everyday for 3 months, sweaty hot yoga classes and was able to maintain healthy skin. As well as helping to aid my digestion. 

I ran out after 6 months, and decided to do a little test with myself. I stopped chlorophyll for almost 2 months, and let me tell you.... my skin FREAKED out. My breakouts were insane. Especially hormonal ones. I felt more tired as the day went on, and my bones were more achy than usual in the harsh cold weather.

How to Use

Glass bottle (plastic bottles will absorb the bad)

8-16 ounces of water

20-30 drops & Voila!


Clear skin


Healthy bones

Magnesium, calcium, vitamin D

Vitamin k

Increases oxygen in blood stream

Cleanses fatty liver, which helps heart health

Essentially a wheatgrass supplement

Antioxidant enzymes to neutralize cancer causing carcinogens

Prevents cancer, blood health, and heart health

Lowers LDL-cholesterol levels

Balance Hormones

Internal deodorizer (bad breath, digestion, sour sweat smell)

Natural Food Sources for Chlorophyll





Green beans


Sugar peas



Watch Out For….

Discolored feces, but don’t be alarmed! Just your insides cleaning out!

Yup, so chlorophyll…. Not so borophyll after all!



Golden & Galactic


I prefer frozen fruits for smoothies. The consistency is thicker and does not get watered down quickly. Also in the off seasons frozen fruit is cheaper and taste better, even when organic.

I actually copied this smoothie from a place I've been too many times in South Florida, at Raw Juce. My version is just as good, or even better, and that's without my vitamix which I obviously don't take with me while traveling.


6 Pineapple chunks

6 Mango chunks

1/2 an Orange (Fresh, or orange juice)

1 Granny Smith Apple (peeled)

1 TBSP Golden Turmeric Blend (I use Moondeli)

2 TBSP Protein powder (I prefer Garden Life or Vega)

1 TBSP Hemp & Chia seeds & Coconut Flakes

Cashew Milk

Coconut Water

Garnished however you like!

For this one I used Hemp seeds, Chia seeds, Coconut flakes & Hemp sprouted granola.

I forgot bee pollen and honey, yet was still delicious!

Theres also some granola at the bottom for a happy ending.

Xo, Enjoy!

Rachel <3

Ginger Green Juice



1 Cucumber

2 Celery Stalks

1 green apple

1/2 Lemon

Handful of Parsley

2 handfuls of Spinach

1 inch Ginger

I used an Omega Juicer for this one, and could not find a strainer which I do not mind, because I get some of the fibers still from the vegetables. Add some coconut water for extra flavor.

enjoy, xo Rachel.


Liquid Gold

IMG_4264 2.jpg

I use a Breville Fountain juicer that I have had for years. It was no more than $120.00 and beyond worth it for how much I use it. At one point in my wellness journey, I thought that juice was a great meal substitute... I learned quickly it was not a way to get the vital nutrients I need everyday. 

When juicing I try to stay away from any fruits and more with the greens.

But when I am sick or feel something brewing, I go for the greens but also the bright orange and yellow colors for immunity.

This will kick your sickness and make your skin glow at the same.


Serves 2

1 Sweet Potato

1 Golden Beet

1 Green Apple

3 Carrots

2 Oranges

2 Celery Stalks

1 Lemon

Handful of Pineapple

Ginger & Turmeric (I like mine extra spicy)

2 Cloves of Garlic


Super Smoothie with Homemade Nut Milk


Every smoothie I made, (which is almost everyday) my goal is to enhance each recipe for vital nutrients and proteins. Smoothies are not meal replacements for me, just an addition to whatever I am eating at the moment. Or it's a great pick me up mid day.

Instead of buying costly nut milks at the store, I looked up some recipes and created my own. (I'm sure i'm not the only one to come up with the same recipe.)

First i put 2 tsp of hemp seeds, shredded coconut and sometimes chia seeds, then I add water or coconut milk. About a half cup, or to the top of your vitamix blade. Add cinnamon and a date for flavor. Then I blend on high for a minute until smooth and frothy.

Now it's time to add your fruits and veggies. I stick with frozen fruits, it is way more cost efficient. My go to is wild blueberries, dark cherries and mango. I also usually add a frozen packet of Dragon Fruit for added antioxidants.

Usually I also add in adaptogens, like blue green algae, maca and turmeric from @moondeli and Nature's best spirulina.

Blend & pour!

Add any toppings you prefer, I love bee pollen, more chia, and chocolate coconut flakes.

enjoy! xo, Rachel 

Pitaya Bowl


Ingredients to Blend

(*I use a vitamix*)

Pitaya smoothie pack

Frozen wild blueberries & pineapple

Fresh Spinach

1 tbs Chia seeds

Greek yogurt (or dairy free)

@moondeli's Golden Turmeric & Blue green algae protein

Almond coconut milk

Bowl Toppers

@sakaralife matcha granola

Fresh Strawberries

Almond slivers


Bee pollen

Chia seeds

xo, enjoy <3

Golde Goddess Smoothie Bowl

IMG_9309 2.jpg

Confession, I have been addicted to the ancient spice “Turmeric”, long before I even knew the benefits of these magical roots. I genuinely enjoy the taste and that it turned my food orange. Nowadays; everyone's obsessed with anti-inflammatory foods, potions, dusts, you name it and we have access to it. There are so many ways to easily incorporate turmeric into your daily life just by adding this dust into your morning coffee, or water and lemon! More on that to come.

There are so many brands of Turmeric blends out there. I have tried 3 and each has their own distinctive flavor, aroma, and texture. Golde Turmeric Wellness blend has a smooth, velvet and sweet flavor with no sugar added! The hint of coconut milk powder gives this blend the perfect balance of sweet and spice. 

*Benefits of Turmeric*

* Anti-inflammatory

* Beauty food

* Antioxidant 

* Helps in fighting diabetes and cancer

* Mood and brain boosting


The Frozen Stuff

1 Cup of Mango

5 Strawberries

Cup of Cauliflower

Sambazon Acai packet

The Fresh Stuff

1 Mandarin orange

1 cup of Spinach

4 Brazil Nuts

2 big spoonful of Chia Seeds

Almond slivers

1 big spoonful of Golde Turmeric powder

Vanilla hemp milk as needed

I use a Vitamix and blend until i see a perfect consistency.

The Toppings

Hemp seeds

Bee pollen

Coconut flakes

Pumpkin Seeds





XO Rachel.