Super Smoothie with Homemade Nut Milk


Every smoothie I made, (which is almost everyday) my goal is to enhance each recipe for vital nutrients and proteins. Smoothies are not meal replacements for me, just an addition to whatever I am eating at the moment. Or it's a great pick me up mid day.

Instead of buying costly nut milks at the store, I looked up some recipes and created my own. (I'm sure i'm not the only one to come up with the same recipe.)

First i put 2 tsp of hemp seeds, shredded coconut and sometimes chia seeds, then I add water or coconut milk. About a half cup, or to the top of your vitamix blade. Add cinnamon and a date for flavor. Then I blend on high for a minute until smooth and frothy.

Now it's time to add your fruits and veggies. I stick with frozen fruits, it is way more cost efficient. My go to is wild blueberries, dark cherries and mango. I also usually add a frozen packet of Dragon Fruit for added antioxidants.

Usually I also add in adaptogens, like blue green algae, maca and turmeric from @moondeli and Nature's best spirulina.

Blend & pour!

Add any toppings you prefer, I love bee pollen, more chia, and chocolate coconut flakes.

enjoy! xo, Rachel