Pique Tea Smoothie


I was listening to Gary Vee's podcast and he was talking about the founder, Simon Cheng of Pique Tea. Gary Vee was talking about morning and night routines, or just routines to be your most productive self. And he said he loved what Simon has to say about tea, and that when you're drinking the tea, take time to think and reflect and to just enjoy the present moment.

It is so true, usually we rush and are out the door to a coffee shop and getting mediocre tea, or coffee to chug for energy. What if we train ourselves to enjoy our cup of caffeine in routine, rather than rush? It's basically like setting an intention for the day with your cup of what you prefer.

Starting tomorrow, with my new tea.. I am going to sit with a pretty mug and actually put my sacred corner to use.... You read it here first, and you can hold me accountable on my IG story.

Smoothie Deets!

1/4 cup of water

1 tsp of hemp, chia, and coconut flakes

blend this first for your base, with cinnamon and a date.

half packet of Pique Tea

1 packet of Pitaya plus Dragon fruit

3 frozen strawberries (all i had)

1/3 cup wild blueberries

Handful of frozen cherries

Moondeli Turmeric powder

Sit with Crystals and change your negatives to positive.



ps. how cute are these packets, ready to go wherever you are!

xo, Rachel <3


Golde Goddess Smoothie Bowl

IMG_9309 2.jpg

Confession, I have been addicted to the ancient spice “Turmeric”, long before I even knew the benefits of these magical roots. I genuinely enjoy the taste and that it turned my food orange. Nowadays; everyone's obsessed with anti-inflammatory foods, potions, dusts, you name it and we have access to it. There are so many ways to easily incorporate turmeric into your daily life just by adding this dust into your morning coffee, or water and lemon! More on that to come.

There are so many brands of Turmeric blends out there. I have tried 3 and each has their own distinctive flavor, aroma, and texture. Golde Turmeric Wellness blend has a smooth, velvet and sweet flavor with no sugar added! The hint of coconut milk powder gives this blend the perfect balance of sweet and spice. 

*Benefits of Turmeric*

* Anti-inflammatory

* Beauty food

* Antioxidant 

* Helps in fighting diabetes and cancer

* Mood and brain boosting


The Frozen Stuff

1 Cup of Mango

5 Strawberries

Cup of Cauliflower

Sambazon Acai packet

The Fresh Stuff

1 Mandarin orange

1 cup of Spinach

4 Brazil Nuts

2 big spoonful of Chia Seeds

Almond slivers

1 big spoonful of Golde Turmeric powder

Vanilla hemp milk as needed

I use a Vitamix and blend until i see a perfect consistency.

The Toppings

Hemp seeds

Bee pollen

Coconut flakes

Pumpkin Seeds





XO Rachel.